1. I know I’ve posted this song before but I didn’t realise that JMSN had posted his explanation behind it, revealing the truth behind the video, pretty deep. here it is:-

    ALONE (Video & Song Explanation)

    Everything we do revolves around this something we want and its a constant battle.

    We take medication and whatever else we can get to not think about the future and not worry if we’re getting back what we put in. Because more often than not we aren’t. 

    “You haunt me in my dreams, even when I’m not asleep.”

    We’ll sell our souls to get what we want and what we think we need.

    But what we don’t understand is that what we want is the same thing as what we are.

    We are what we want. We make ourselves be what we want.

    This video was to show that me and what I want are the same thing in the end. In order to bridge the gap, I must kill that part of me and live in the now. Forget about the hold that trials and tribulations have on me.

    It’s easier said than done. but its an ongoing battle and this video was too show how appealing the want of things you think you need can be. 

    We make what we are.

    I am whatever I wanna be.

    So are you.

    The Girl (My Want) and Myself are one in the same.

    I kill the doubt when I shoot myself.



  2. JAMES SANDERSON. i'm a 22 years young mancunian history graduate, into a lot of things but mostly I like meeting new people and discovering new music, is that too much to ask? 100% REAL. O.M & HALF ASSD
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